Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Celebrate with a 5k run and an additional 2k beer walk! We might not be Irish, but we know how to celebrate like the Irish!! 快樂 St. Patrick's Day!!


The route is 7kms in distance. Run 5kms to the 1st Beer Station, get a beer cup filled with beer, then walk the next 1km to the 2nd Beer Station, get a refill, and then walk another 1km to the finish at The Shack, where you will receive your 3rd beer refill.

這個路線總共7K! 首先跑5K後你將會來到第一個啤酒站,獲得一個 啤酒杯,並盛滿啤酒後,步行1K到下一個啤酒站。再次盛滿啤酒後,再步行1K回到The Shack 然後你可以再獲得第3杯啤酒。

************************************************************************** Easy as that…… 5K Run, 2K Walk, 3 Beers!!

簡單來說~ 跑5K,走2K。 共獲得3杯啤酒 **************************************************************************

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