ITRA綠色憲章 - 「綠色承諾」活動

We are delighted to support the ITRA's Green Charter and to be one of the ITRA's Green Commitment events! We have joined this great initiative by the ITRA, and encourage all (organizers and participants) who make use of trails, to also follow the practical guidelines of the program in protecting our nature and landscapes. We can do this by minimizing our environmental impact, in reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our waste, and leaving the natural landscapes in pristine condition for future generations to come.


The aim of ITRA’s Green Program ITRA綠色計畫的目的是 

ITRA’s program seeks to encourage the trail running community to join forces, working together to reduce the environmental impact of our sport. It should also be the role of each stakeholder in our sport (i.e., organizers, participants, volunteers, sponsors, suppliers, and partners) to find ways to share ideas and know-how on sustainability and green practices. The responsibility rests with each of us. By being eco-responsible, we hope that trail running can make a positive contribution to environmental conservation and educate the public on the need to be mindful of the impact of our activities on the planet. It is our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations to enjoy.


Core objectives of the ITRA Green Program

1. Lessen impact on the natural environment

- Avoid ecologically fragile or sensitive areas.
- Take environmental carrying capacity into account when planning events.
- Take away own waste.
- Minimize site alterations.

1. 減少對自然環境的影響

- 避免進入生態脆弱或敏感區域。
- 在計劃活動時考慮環境的負荷能力。
- 自己的垃圾要自行帶回去處理。
- 最小化場地的改變。 

GOAL - LEAVE NO TRACE 目標 - 不留痕跡 (Leave No Trace)。

2. Carbon reduction

- Reduce production.
- Effective use of energy.

2. 減少碳足跡

- 減少生產。
- 有效利用能源。


3. Waste reduction

Avoid using disposables and short-lived products.
Reduce > Reuse > Proper Recycle

3. 減少浪費

- 避免使用一次性的產品與短壽命的商品。
- 減少 > 重複使用 > 正確回收。

GOAL - ZERO WASTE 目標- 零浪費。

We at Venture Treks are committed to the ITRA’s Green Program, and agree to the following practices set out by this program: 

- Respect and conserve nature, its flora and fauna, natural habitats and landscapes.
- Integrate sustainability into event organization.
- Preserve and protect our trails and keep them litter-free.
- Reduce waste at source and support recycling.
- Reduce the event’s carbon footprint.
- Raise awareness of participants, volunteers, sponsors, suppliers and partners (collectively, “stakeholders”) about the importance of an environmentally friendly approach.

我們 Venture Treks 致力於 ITRA 綠色計畫,同意遵守此計畫所設立的以下做法:

提高參與者、志願者、贊助商、供應商和合作夥伴 對環保重要性的認識。 

We take the following steps at our trail races, as well as implementing the same steps at other outdoor events that we organize: 

- We provide eco friendly tips to participants and staff.
- We are a cupless and bowless event.
- We do not provide disposable cups or bowls and encourage all participants and staff to provide their own reusable drinking containers and bowls at the events.
- We don't provide single use food containers or packaging at our events - All food is prepared on site and provided as a buffet or a reusable plated meal, depending on the event.
- We have a selection of vegetarian meal options at our events.
- We have recycling bins at our event venues and all staff are trained in recycling effectively.
- General waste and recycling is sorted and disposed of properly after each event.
- We minimize or limit any site alterations - at the venue or on the trails. We promote that all participants must stay on the trails to avoid soil erosion and damaging the natural habitats next to the trails.
- We encourage all our participants to not disturb the local wildlife.
- We encourage all our participants to not damage or destroy the local vegetation.
- All event directional markings, ribbons or signs are removed after each event.
- As far as possible we choose event equipment and materials that can be re-used All event certificates are electronic.
- We promote and encourage that all participants make use of our event shuttle bus services or to carpool in order to reduce the amount of private vehicles at the event.
- We also promote and encourage staff to carpool or to make use of the event shuttle bus services.


我們在活動中不提供一次性食品容器或包裝 - 所有食物都在現場準備,提供自助餐或可重複使用的盤裝餐,具體視活動而定。
我們最大限度地減少或限制現場改變 - 在場地或步道上。

These are only a few ways in which we reduce the impact to our environment. We continuously evaluate our operations and try to find ways to further reduce our impact. In the near future we wish to add more eco friendly steps and solutions to this list.


We also encourage all our staff, participants, venue owners, suppliers and sponsors to take these steps seriously and to reduce the impact jointly that we have on our environment before, during and after all our events.


We can all contribute to the ITRA's Green Program, we just need to keep on being creative in our actions.


For information on this great ITRA initiative and The Green Charter of theITRA, please visit the ITRA website here: