​Safety Considerations 安全注意事項 ​

As a participant, you are responsible for yourself and should know the rules and regulations of the event. You need to be able to clearly evaluate your mental and physical abilities. You need to be sufficiently trained and keep all the necessary equipment with you. Participants should be able to complete their registered category in a semi-autonomous manner in terms of food, drink, clothing and safety. This requires an ability to adapt and face expected or unexpected problems (darkness, bad weather, physical ailments, injury, etc.).

The Event takes place on extremely rugged, single-track hiking trails. Running on such trails comes with inherent risks that Participants accept upon entering the event. Participants will be in remote areas where help is not always nearby for extended periods and need to be prepared accordingly in cases of emergency.

In addition to trail conditions, other potential dangers include but are not limited to wet/slippery trail conditions (mud, roots and rocks), wet/slippery boardwalks and bridges, bees/bee stings, road crossings and steep drop-offs/cliffs. Caution must be taken with regard to personal safety.




Aid Stations 急救站

Well stocked Aid Stations manned by passionate volunteers, provide:
First Aid: Band-Aids, Vaseline, and other basic first aid supplies
Food/Drink: Water, electrolyte drinks, snacks, fruit

與相關物資設備資訊 簡易急救站/補給站將會由我們熱情的志工提供:
食物/飲水: 水/能量飲/點心/水果

Locations 地點

8.8km - AS 1 醫護站/2.7k(登山6K路線) AS 1 / 2.7km for 6km Hike route
11.5km - AS 2 醫護站2
14.2km - AS 3 醫護站3

Cups won't be supplied during this racing event. Please bring your refillable water bottles / cups and we will refill them at the aid stations. There will be one Aid Station on the 12km trail route at 8.8km, one Aid Station for the 6km Hike at 2.7km, and two Aid Stations on the 20km trail route at 8.8km / 14.2km. In line with the “Carry Your Own” philosophy there will be no disposable cups/bowls at the water tables, and runners must carry their own portable drinking cups / flasks / bladders / bowls.


Recommended / Compulsory Equipment 相關物資設備資訊

Mandatory 強制裝備:


2 Fully Charged Headlamps
1 Smart Watch with loaded race GPX
1 Fully Charged Cellphone - this is additional to the smart watch



1 Fully Charged Headlamps. Recommended 2 headlamps.
1 Fully Charged Cellphone. Recommended smart device with the loaded race GPX



Thirsty runners should carry at least 1 liters of their own water – do NOT underestimate these trails, especially in hotter conditions!! Carry food and energy support to suit your own taste / preference. If it looks like rain, make sure you have some kind of protection. Carry cash, smartcard and NHI Health card during the event.

容易口渴的跑者應攜帶至少1公升的自己的飲水 - 不要低估這些步道,尤其是在炎熱的情況下! 攜帶適合自己口味和喜好的食物和能量補充品。 如果看起來會下雨,請確保自己有某種形式的防護措施。 在活動期間攜帶現金、智慧支付和健保卡。

It goes without saying that everyone is expected to run/hike with a fully charged phone with the Race Organizer / Emergency numbers.


Timing 時間

Timing will be done electronically with a ChampionChip timing system.


Cut-offs 關門時間

The following cut off times are provisional and may change (slightly) nearer to the event. Cut off times will be strictly enforced for the 20km route.

19:30 - 6km - CP 1 - For all 20km participants (Cut-off DNF)
19:30 - 6km - CP 1 所有20公里參賽者(關門未完賽)

20:00 - 6km - CP 1 - For all 12km participants (Cut-off DNF)
20:00 - 6km - CP 1 所有12公里參賽者(關門未完賽)

21:00 - 11.5km - CP 2 - For all 20km participants (Cut-off DNF)
21:00 - 11.5km - CP 2 所有20公里參賽者(關門未完賽)

21:30 - 14.2km - CP 3 - For all 20km participants (Cut-off DNF)
21:30 - 14.2km - CP 3 所有20公里參賽者(關門未完賽)

22:00 - 11.5km - Finish Line for all 12km participants (Cut-off DNF)
22:00 - 11.5km - 12公里參賽者終點關門

23:00 - 20km - Finish Line for all 20km participants (Cut-off DNF)
23:00 - 20km - 20公里參賽者須到達終點(未到達判入未完賽) 

***20km participants and 12km participants that do not make the stipulated cut-off times will still receive a finisher gift. They will however be given a DNF for their specific race category. Timing chips will be removed from race bibs and no time will be recorded for DNFs.


Please be respectful of our cut off times, they are in place for the safety of our participants and crew. Missing a cut off time results in a "DNF" or "Did Not Finish" and necessitates stopping your race. In the event that you are not able to make a cut off, please remove your race bib and allow a race staff member to record your details. You will not be allowed to further participate in the event if you miss the cut off.

請尊重我們的關門時間,這是為了參與者和工作人員的安全。超過關門時間將導致“DNF”或“未完成”,並需要停止比賽。請脫下您的比賽號碼布,並讓比賽工作人員記錄您的詳細信息。請特別注意: 如果你超過關門時間,為了安全著想你將不被允許在進行或進入前方賽道。

Remember to keep your race bib with you as you will need it to retrieve your bags from the bag storage area.


​DNF (Did Not Finish) 未完成比賽

Should you need to drop out of the race, you will need to continue to the nearest Aid Station/CP along the marked course and inform the station staff.

NOTE: If you are not sure who that is, please ask around until you find them - this is your responsibility.

Please remove your race bib and report to a race staff member so that your details can be recorded.

Once you have dropped out of the race, you will not be able to re-start.

Remember to keep your race bib with you as you will need it to retrieve your bags from the bag storage area.

If you DNF you will not be eligible for a finisher water bottle.  







Course Markings 沿路的路線標記

Only follow the orange ribbons / white chalk in the trees, paths, or trails. No other markings should be followed. Turns will also be marked with these ribbons and directional signage. The wrong way will be indicated with hazard or warning tape.

While utmost care will be taken to mark and marshal the route, the responsibility for following the official route lies with the participant.

Course sweepers are following behind the last participant and removing the route markers. If you are towards the back of the race, make sure you do not step off the course and let the sweepers overtake you as the markers will then be removed and you may not be able to follow the course.




Sweepers 賽事掃吧

The trail sweepers will be shortly behind the last runner on the trail. The sweepers are there to make sure that nobody is left behind / hurt on the trail, pick up course markings and pickup any garbage left on the trail.


Weather 天氣

Inclement weather and trails do not always cooperate. We recognize that some participants travel a considerable distance for this event, and event logistics make it difficult to simply reschedule in the event of extreme weather. We take the safety of runners and damage to the trails very seriously and will make decisions to alter the course, delay the race start time, stop the race, or cancel the event depending on factors such as reported lightening, impending severe weather and pre-existing trail conditions.


Medical Care 醫療救護

AED/First Aid crews will be available for medical treatment and consultation.

The AED/First Aid crew has the authority to withdraw a competitor from an event should the participant’s further participation in the event possibly result in permanent injury, disability or death to the participant. 

Participants are obliged to carry their personal medications on them. TheAED/First Aid crew will not be on hand to supply personal medication should the participants concerned have failed to supply their own.

The AED/First Aid will provide immediate first response treatment and stabilization. Should a participant require transport by road or air ambulance, the cost of any transport out of the race environment will be carried by the participant/patient.

Participants are strongly advised to take appropriate medical insurance against the costs of emergency evacuations and repatriation. 


如果參賽者繼續參加比賽可能導致永久性傷害、殘疾或死亡,AED/急救人員有權讓參賽者退出賽。參加者必須隨身攜帶個人藥品。如果參加者沒有準備自己的藥物,AED /急救人員將不會在現場提供個人藥物。 



Emergencies 緊急情況

​If you leave the course and fail to notify race officials, you will be banned from participating in the future (unless assisted from the course by AED/First Aid crews). ​If you become immobile and need to consult with a medic you will need to take the following steps: ​

STEP 1: Initially stay warm, dry and be visible.

​STEP 2: Phone the emergency number located on your race number, you will be asked your race number, name and location​... help will be sent on its way.

​If there is no cell reception ​

STEP 1: Initially stay warm and dry and make sure you are visible.

STEP 2: Wait for an assisting participant who will find the nearest marshal or staff member who will make contact with Organizers.

STEP 3: A support team will be dispatched to your location.

There will be basic AED/First Aid services on standby, but participants must be fit, healthy and, under normal circumstances, be able to complete the event safely without aid.

Helicopter evacuation, or any hospitalization transport or hospitalization, which will be at the participant's cost.




第一步: 保持身體溫暖、乾燥與盡可能讓自己顯眼讓救援團隊容易找到你。

第二步: 你的號碼布上面會有大會號碼,請與我們聯繫並告知相關位子 



第二步: 請求一附近參賽者幫忙找到最近的指揮或工作人員與大會聯繫。





Insurance 保險

The organizer, Venture Treks, has taken out limited Accidental Injury Coverage for this event. We recommend that you arrange your own personal accident insurance, ambulance cover and income protection insurance before participating in the Event to cover any unforeseen personal costs you may incur due to ambulance trips, medical expenses or time off work, due to injuries sustained whilst participating in the Event. International participants should take out travel insurance that provides cover for trail running events.

主辦方Venture Treks為此次活動購買了有限的意外傷害保險。我們建議您在參加活動前自行安排個人意外事故保險、救護車保險和收入保障保險,以支付您可能因參加活動期間受傷而產生的意外個人費用,包括救護車費用、醫療費用或休假時間。國際選手應購買越野跑項目的旅行保險。 

Race Rules

- The Race Organiser’s decision is final.
- Participants must be 17 years of age or older on event day in order to participate in the 20km trail race.
- We will however accept participants between 12 and 16 years old for the 12km trail race. Acceptance only applies for those who we receive written signed parental consent forms and if the child participates with their parent/s/guardian/s on the event day.
- There will be no unofficial participants in the race, running under someone else’s number will result in disqualification.
- No person will be allowed to run under someone else’s name. Proper procedure is to be followed to make a substitution.
- Any participant who has not completed the entire course will be disqualified. If you withdraw from the event, participants must notify the race organizers or a marshal immediately.
- Participants must follow the marked course the entire way and register at each Aid Station(AS) / Checkpoint (CP).
- You must check in at each AS and or checkpoint (CP) with the checkpoint officials to get scanned/registered/noted. Failure to do so will mean you will not have been registered as completing the race course and you risk disqualification or not being ranked. You may not skip these points.
- Your race number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing and on the front of your body. Do not cover your race number with any article of clothing. We recommend using a race belt.
- Any participant leaving the marked route must rejoin the route at the same point they left it. Shortcuts, including avoiding switchbacks, are not permitted.
- No overtaking by going off the trail. Wait until there is adequate space to pass another runner.
- Participants may be required to wear and/or carry certain items of equipment as indicated by the Race Organizer. Participants may take as much food and beverage as needed from each Aid Station provided by the organizer. Race participants will not be allowed to take any bottles, cans or cups from these areas and should plan on carrying and refilling their own hydration systems at the Aid Stations.
- We are a cupless race and carrying your own cup is compulsory. Participants who choose to use poles must carry these on them at all times, from start to finish.
- Poles cannot be discarded, stashed or given to crew for keeping. Please be conscious of those around you when using poles.
- Participants may not wear headphones of any sort.
- Yield on the trail by respecting other trail users (i.e. recreational users and residents) when passing – be aware of blind spots and slow down when you need to.
- If you deliberately ignore customary rules of conduct of the trail, road and checkpoints – especially concerning safety, waste, erosion and hygiene – you will at best incur a time penalty; at worst it will be grounds for disqualification.
- No one must: use abusive language, act in an unsporting manner, and be disrespectful to the Venture Treks officials, crew, marshalls, medical attendants, supporters, the media or the traffic officials.
- Participants are expected to administer basic first aid to injured competitors, and if required, take necessary steps to summon assistance in the case of a serious injury.
- Snacks, food and water will be available at the AS or CP points.
- No pets are allowed. The trails aren’t suitable for pets.
- ​Failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in penalties which could include time penalties, disqualification and/or any other sanction deemed appropriate by the Race Organiser. 


- 主辦方保有最終決定的權利,參賽者不得異議。
- 預計參加20KM組別的跑者務必至少年滿17歲或活動當日已經成年。然而接受並接受13至16歲的參賽者參加11km組,但我們只接受那些我們收到書面簽署的監護人同意書與活動當日監護人需在場陪同。 
- 本活動嚴禁代跑或使用非註冊人的號碼布進行路線,若有發現將會依取消資格辦理。
- 任何人都不允許以別人的名義跑步/徒步。可以跟主辦方提並依適當的程序進行替換。
- 任何人只要未完成完整的報名所應具備的程序,將被取消資格。
- 所有的參賽者若沒有完成該組別應進行的路線,將參賽取其消資格。
- 如果你幸運的被摸獎到了,應立即通知主辦方,才算有效。
- 不接受當場不在,事後來與主辦方抗議的情形產生。
- 參賽者應全程跟隨賽事的標示進行路線,並於Aid Station(AS) / Checkpoint (CP)取得信物或作記。
- 請確實在Aid Station(AS) / Checkpoint (CP)取的大會的晶片掃描/作記/人員登記號碼等。如果你未確實做到上述的行為,你將會被視為未完成路線,同時也不會被系統排名。所以請務必配合大會人員。
- 請務必讓你的號碼布別至於前方且可以讓大會人員清楚辨認。如果擔心衣服遮擋到號碼布,建議你使用號碼帶。
- 如果你偏離賽道路線,請你先回到偏離的地點再開始跑,抄捷徑或任何不舞弊的行為將不被接受,且主辦方保有取消您參賽資格的權利。
- 請不要為了取得更好的位子,而走不是賽道路線路徑,應該等適當的時機才進行超越前方選手。
- The Race Organizer. 主辦方有權因賽道或天候等需求,要求參賽穿戴/攜帶相關的物件。 參賽者可以依據自己的需求吃任何我們再水站提供的補給跟飲品,但禁止從補給站拿取任何瓶子/罐子/杯子等離開,請自己動手裝水或拿自己想吃的零食,特別是當選手眾多的時候。
- 本活動不提供水杯,因此要麻煩參賽者自行攜帶。
- 如果你有使用登山杖的夥伴,請確保你從出發到完成路線都全程攜帶著它。請勿隨意丟棄或藏於任何地方,甚至要求工作人員代為保管。 並且在使用的過程中確保周遭人員的安全。
- 參賽者嚴禁配戴耳機進行活動。
- 經過他人院子或農耕地時,請放慢速度注意周遭。
- 活動進行的過程中請尊重其他的使用者(踏青的夥伴或當地的住戶) 當你要超過他們或穿越你無法辨識是否有人的地方,請你放慢速度,確保自身與他人的人生安全。
- 如果你刻意無視相關規定規則,(特別是與環境安全相關的事項),經工作人員的勸說下依舊故我,那我們將有權取消你的活動資格。
- 任何人不得使用辱罵的語言,或有違反運動精神的行為產生,不得以汙辱/歧視/仇憤之方式攻擊主辦方Venture Treks、工作人員、總監、營銷人員、支持者、媒體或交通人員。
- 我們期待參賽者若看到受傷的參賽者可以幫忙進行基本的急救,如果有需要,在嚴重受傷的情況下,採取更進一步的援助。
- 我們在醫護站與檢查點提供點心與食物與水。
- 賽道中禁止攜帶寵物。
- 如未能遵守上述所提及的規則,我們將會有相關的辦法處置/取消其資格/相關應變措施。