Charge your headlamp and come take on the trails in Maokong. The trails are close to the city and give participants some spectacular views of the city at night.


20km This is our challenging trail for the more experienced trail runner. This route takes participants over Ergeshan, one of the Little 100 Mountains of Taiwan. The peak offers magnificent night views of the Greater Taipei Area. The trail has many runnable sections, but also some challenging single trail climbing sections. The trail has a decent amount of elevation gain over a short distance and is very challenging for most runners. You definitely need ample trail running experience for this one.


It is an ITRA Level 1 rated trail, with a total elevation gain over 1100 meters. This category forms part of the UTMB 20K Index events and will contribute to every finisher's individual UTMB Index.

這是一條針對更有經驗的越野跑者而設計的具有挑戰性的步道。這條路線穿越了台灣小百岳之一的二格山,山頂可以欣賞到大台北地區壯麗的夜景。這條步道有很多可跑的路段,但也有一些具有挑戰性的攀爬路段。步道在短距離內有相當大的爬升高度,對大多數跑者來說非常具有挑戰性。這條步道是ITRA一級賽事,總爬升高度超過1100公尺。此類別是UTMB 20K類別的活動,將為每位完賽者將獲得個人UTMB分數。 

This scenic trail is suitable for social trail runners that like to take it much easier and to enjoy themselves. The route has many runnable single trails, but also gives each participant a good amount of elevation gain over the distance. The route also takes participants over Ergeshan with its scenic night views over the Greater Taipei basin. This trail has a total elevation gain of just over 700 meters.


我們已達到了6公里健行組的報名上限。 感謝那些參與此組別的夥伴!
We have reached our registration capacity for the 6km Hike group.  Thank you to those for filling this event category!

For our hiking friends who would like to be part of the bigger event, this is for you! We have a circular hike option available that has some beautiful trails and scenic views from the ridgeline. This is also a good option for parents and their kids. All kids must be accompanied by their parents on this hiking trail.


All entries escalate in price as per the above table. Make sure to register on time in order to benefit from the lower entry fees. Pre-entries close at 12:00 noon on Wednesday September 27, 2023 . If our race capacity allows it, we will be able to take late entry requests via email at [email protected].

No registrations on the day of the event. 

根據上表所示,所有報名費用將隨著時間逐漸增加。抓緊早點報名以享受較低的報名費用。預先報名將在2023年9月27日中午12:00截止。 如果報名結束仍有剩額,我們會開放email [email protected]晚鳥報名。


Included in your Entry

Event T-Shirt – Valid for only those who sign up before the shirt cut-off date. Register on or before September 1, 2023 to guarantee an event shirt
A cool event headlamp
A finisher event lunch box container
Finisher tea
A finisher certificate
A post race/hike drink from our partners at Tilted Shack Breweries
Scenic trails that you don’t usually get to run/hike at night
Awesome volunteer support
Professionally managed event
Toilet facilities
Fantastic pre and post-race vibe
Tasty post-race/hike food, snacks and drinks
Fully stocked Aid Stations AED/First Aid support
Prizes for top finishers
Lucky draw prizes
Free photo downloads taken along the course


由我們合作夥伴Tilted Shack Breweries提供的賽後/行程結束的飲品
專業管理的活動 提供衛生設施
為頂尖完賽者提供獎品 抽獎獎品

Race entry does not include the following
- Transportation
- Personal medical and nutritional requirements
- Basic medical support is offered for emergencies but excludes helicopter evacuation, or any hospitalization transport, which will be for the participant’s cost.

- 交通
- 緊急情況提供基本醫療支助,但不包括直升機後送或任何住院運輸,這將由參加者自費。 

Event shirt sample 活動賽事衣服 

Event shirt sizes - Please make sure to measure your body accordingly, before selecting a size. We can unfortunately not return/change sizes once orders have been placed.


Shirt designs are the same for men and women.

NOTE: When the shirt deadline is reached on September 1, 2023, the system will still have shirt size options available, but unfortunately there won’t be any shirts available after this date. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Extra Event Shirt - If you like our design and would like to purchase extra shirts, then these can also be done on our registration page. Extra event shirts cost NT340 per shirt. This does not include any delivery fee. 額外的活動T恤-如果您喜歡我們的設計並想要購


Event headlamp sample 活動頭燈

Headlamps are adjustable sizes.

Extra Event Headlamp - If you like our headlamp design and would like to purchase extra headlamps, then these can also be done on our registration page. The cost per extra headlamp is NT250. This does not include any delivery fee.



Event Lunch Box Container Sample 活動賽事餐盒(樣品) 

Event shirt sizes - Please make sure to measure your body accordingly, before selecting a size. We can unfortunately not return/change sizes once orders have been placed.


Maokong Night Trail FKT (Fastest Known Time) - STRAVA Segment

In addition to the race categories, we have the Maokong Night Trail FKT Challenge during the 20km and 12km trails. Whoever sets the fastest time on the given STRAVA segment, will receive an event FKT prize. The segment will only be made available the morning of the race. FKT prizes are awarded to the fastest male and fastest female overall in either the 20km or 12km race categories on the day. This is only valid on the day and during the race.

This is only valid according to the STRAVA segment data.

除了賽事類別外,我們還在20公里和12公里的步道上設立了貓空越野FKT(Fastest Known Time)挑戰。在指定的STRAVA段落中,誰能完成最快的時間,將獲得FKT挑戰的獎品。該段落將僅在比賽當天早上提供。 FKT獎品將頒發給當天20公里或12公里賽事中最快的男性和最快的女性。 這僅在比賽當天和比賽期間有效。


Category Prizes 各組別獎項

Prizes will be awarded to 獎項將頒發給

前5名男子組 Top 5 male finishers in each race category - 20km / 12km
前5名女子組 Top 5 female finishers in each race category - 20km / 12km 

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