Boil Tea House

Each participant will receive a complimentary container of tea as part of the event finisher gifts. The tasty tea is packed and distributed by Boil Tea House. For more information on all on offer at Boil Tea House, check out their FB page.

If you like their tea, then orders can be placed by sending them a message on LINE.

每位參加者將收到一個免費的茶葉。這款美味的茶葉由煎茶院生產。 欲了解更多煎茶院提供的所有內容,請查看他們的臉書專頁。


Tilted Shack Brewing Co. 鄉醞精釀啤酒

Tilted Shack Brewing Company was conceived in a Xindian pizzeria cellar. We brew fresh, local craft beers that are inspired by the traditions and flavors of the West Coast, USA.

Tilted Shack 精釀(Tilted Shack Brewing Company)是在新店一家披薩店的地窖里構想出來的。我們釀造新鮮的本地精釀啤酒,其靈感來自於美國西海岸的傳統口味。

The Shack Pizza

The Shack Pizza was opened in Xindian in 2014. Proudly serving the local community for the last eight years with two shops conveniently located near the Xindian MRT and the Qizhang MRT Stations. Serving whole pizzas or by the slice, delicious in house baked goods along with local craft beers and small batch kombucha. In addition, The Shack has satellite shops in Fulong and Bali, supplying the appetite of their local communities. The Shack Pizza strives to satisfy every customer's cravings. Open everyday!

The Shack披薩於2014年在新店開業。在過去的八年裡,我們分別於新店捷運站和七張捷運站附近的兩家分店,自信地為當地社區提供最好的服務與食物。在我們店裡提供最棒的烘培產品與當地的精釀啤酒和康普茶,The Shack披薩每天開們力求滿足每一個客戶的渴望! 

Hong Mao Kombucha

鹿跑-Deer Run

Deer Run is an outdoor equipment and clothing store, that supplies a great selection of quality products for any outdoor adventurer!

Visit our website at for more information. More wild in your life!!

鹿跑-DeerRun 把越野帶入你的生活 也把越野跑裝備帶進你每天的應用範圍 更多資訊 

FAV 運動傷害預防專家

FAV is dedicated to combining sports injury prevention and nutrition strategies and cooperating with global professional sports pioneers to benefit everyone’s life and bring higher levels of success. FAV is an English abbreviation taken from the word "favorite". The brand spirit hopes to make its best efforts to provide athletes with top-notch products in terms of clean sports and science and even professional services. The green yellow upward-turning ball in the logo is used to symbolize "FAV" as a sports brand, helping athletes and active individuals to achieve victory faster and easier all the time and evolving our philosophy persistently.

Find more IG/FB: favpremium

FAV 運動傷害預防專家旨在結合運動傷害預防、運動競技營養策略,透過與全球專業運動品牌先驅合作,利益大眾的運動品質、將運動表現提升至更高層次。 FAV 是取自英文 “Favorite" 的英文縮寫,意指「最愛的事物」; 發音相近中文「肺腑」。品牌精神希望竭盡全力以「運動科學」奠基,提供運動人最頂級的商品乃至「專業服務」。 向上轉動的金黃綠圓球象徵 "FAV" 作為一個運動品牌,幫助運動人快速 ”F"ast、達到 ”A"chieve、勝利 “V"ictory的境界,永不退轉。 更多資訊 IG/FB: favpremium


歡迎抵達尋覓太陽眼鏡的最終站! 從研發開始,每支AKIWEI太陽眼鏡, 都具備抗UV、防潑、防海水、防汗、防汙、除霧、防彈的基因, 五年以來不斷以使用者的配戴經驗 持續升級。 不論是專業運動員、運動愛好者或是單純想要一支帥氣時尚的太陽眼鏡, AKIWEI都能提供符合您需求的產品, 與您一同挑戰自我極限。

Welcome to the final stop in your sunglasses hunt!

Every AKIWEI sunglasses have the following functions: Anti-UV, anti-splash, anti-seawater, anti-sweat, anti-fouling, defogging, and bulletproof.

Over the past five years, we have continued to upgrade sunglasses based on the wearing experience of our users. Whether you are a professional athlete, sports enthusiast or just want handsome and fashionable sunglasses, then AKIWEI can provide products that meet your needs!

堅心 Outrun Nutrition

「堅心」,不僅是我們的名稱,更是對運動營養的堅定承諾。 透過專業研發和科學佐證,我們為每位熱愛運動的您提供最安全且符合需求的產品。 無論您面對哪種運動挑戰,堅心都在這裡,陪伴您以最佳狀態成就卓越表現。


Check out their FB page for more info on their group. 看一下他們的FB 粉專查看更多他們的訊息!