Aid Stations, and Recommended / Compulsory Equipment
急救站 與相關物資設備資訊

Well stocked Aid Stations manned by passionate volunteers, provide: 簡易急救站/補給站將會由我們熱情的志工提供:

- First Aid:  Band-Aids, Vaseline, and other basic first aid supplies

- Food/Drink:  Water, electrolyte drinks, snacks, fruit
- Checkpoints - Participant get scanned/registered/noted 

- 急救:OK蹦,凡士林與基本的醫藥服務

- 食物/飲水: 水/能量飲/點心/水果

- 檢查哨: 掃瞄晶片/註記號碼布


11km - Sandiaoling 三貂嶺
18km - Houtong 猴洞


Cups won't be supplied during this racing event.  Please bring your refillable water bottles and we will refill them at the aid stations. The 6km Hike / 6km Race / 11km Race won’t have an Aid Station on their trail routes. There will however be one Aid Station on the 17km trail route and two Aid Stations on the 27km trail route.  In line with the “Carry Your Own” philosophy there will be no disposable cups/bowls at the water tables, and runners must carry their own portable drinking cups / flasks / bladders / bowls.


We will not require runners on any of the routes to carry any compulsory kit or equipment but will rather expect you to be responsible and to self-guide. Thirsty runners should carry at least 1.5 liters of their own water – do NOT underestimate these trails, especially if it’s looking like being a warm day! Similarly carry food and energy support to suit your own taste / preference. And if it looks like rain, make sure you have some kind of protection – it would be terribly embarrassing to have to be treated for exposure and hypothermia! (although First Aid will be on hand just in case…). Lastly, don’t forget the sunscreen, and a cap for that.

我們不會要求跑者在任何路線上攜帶任何強制性的裝備或設備,而是希望你根據自身體力與路線爬升等因素判斷需要攜帶的裝備。容易口渴的跑步者應該自己攜帶至少1.5升的水——不要低估這些山徑,特別是如果活動當天是一個溫暖的日子!對了!記得攜帶適合自己口味/喜好的食物和能量。如果活動當日看起來會下雨,確保你有相應對的保護措施——如果體溫過低而不得不接受治療,將是我們不樂見的!(儘管急救人員會隨時待命,但以防萬一還是做好相關準備) 最後別忘了塗防曬霜,戴上防曬帽。

It is recommended to carry cash, smartcard and NHI Health card during the run/hike. All participants that do not make the cut-off times at Houtong or Sandiaoling will be required to take a train back to the Shifen Waterfall Yuetaoliao Camping Area in Shifen, so cash or smartcards will be necessary. 


It goes without saying that everyone is expected to run/hike with a fully charged phone with the Race Organizer / Emergency numbers.