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We are a Xindian, New Taipei City based outdoor events company. We lead group trail and riverside runs, organize hikes, host various social recreational events and take people on adventure camping trips. We continuously strive to bring participants some unique, captivating and challenging events to some beautiful and exciting environments. We endeavor to create fun memories for all who participate in our events and we promote family involvement and encourage, facilitate and celebrate the achievement of people’s individual personal goals. We are passionate about the great outdoors and to keep active. There is no better way to have a good time with the whole family and friends!

Venture Treks 是成立於新北市新店區的戶外活動公司。我們帶大家去探訪山徑,舉辦河濱社交路跑,組織登山健行,露營與各式各樣的休閒育樂活動。團隊致力於帶給參加喜歡戶外的夥伴,在體驗有趣特別且具有挑戰性的活動,同時間也欣賞我們美麗的大自然。我們努力為所有參與活動的夥伴創造有趣的回憶,提倡家庭參與,以鼓勵彼此與相互打氣一同走向更好的氛圍。Venture Treks的夥伴熱愛戶外運動與保持對於事物的熱情。對我們而言沒有什麼比與家人和朋友共度美好時光的方式了。

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